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Cliffwalker {2}{W}

Creature - Human Scout
When Cliffwalker enters the battlefield, return a permanent you control to its owner's hand.
Wander {1}{W}
  • Awakening in Oldun
Conduit of Change

Conduit of Change {4}{U}{U}{U}

Artifact - Ruin
When Conduit of Change enters the battlefield, if you cast it, return all other nonland permanents to their owner's hands.
Spellcharge 7
  • Awakening in Oldun
Confront the Truths

Confront the Truths {2}{B}

Choose one —
• Target creature gets +2/+0 and gains indestructible until end of turn.
• Target player sacrifices a creature.
“All things die, and nothing does.”
—Cavern inscription
  • Awakening in Oldun
Crunching Counterpart

Crunching Counterpart {1}{U}{U}

The next spell you cast this turn may be cast as though it had flash. When you cast that spell, copy it. You may choose new targets for the copy.
Flashback {3}{U}{U}
  • Awakening in Oldun
Crux's Wrath

Crux's Wrath {3}{R}

Destroy target artifact or land.
Flashback {4}{R}{R}
Crux, the only Elder to survive the fall, returned to Oldun after sensing the energy of the Elders' reawakening.
  • Awakening in Oldun
Cursed Claymore

Cursed Claymore {2}{B}

Artifact - Equipment
Whenever you attack, if Cursed Claymore entered the battlefield this turn, attach it to target attacking creature.
Equipped creature gets +2/+1. As long as equipped creature is a Ruin, it's a creature in addition to its other types.
Equip {2}
  • Awakening in Oldun
Cutthroat Kallukah

Cutthroat Kallukah {1}{U}{U}

Creature - Fish
Whenever you cast a spell during an opponent's turn, scry 1 and put a +1/+1 counter on Cutthroat Kallukah.
There's no need for pilgrims to fear the ocean's depths—the surface is really just as dangerous.
  • Awakening in Oldun
Daggertooth Keelah

Daggertooth Keelah {3}{B}

Creature - Fish
Daggertooth Keelah can't block unless it entered the battlefield this turn.
{1}{B}, Exile a permanent card from your graveyard: Daggertooth Keelah gains indestructible until end of turn.
  • Awakening in Oldun
Deathcap Guardian

Deathcap Guardian {4}{B}{B}

Creature - Fungus Horror
When Deathcap Guardian enters the battlefield, exile any number of permanent cards from your graveyard. When you do, put X +1/+1 counters on Deathcap Guardian and up to one target creature gets -X/-X until end of turn, where X is the number of cards exiled this way.
  • Awakening in Oldun
Deepcavern Scyllia

Deepcavern Scyllia {X}{G}

Creature - Hydra
Deepcavern Scyllia enters the battlefield with X +1/+1 counters on it.
You may cast Deepcavern Scyllia from your graveyard by paying {3}{G} and exiling X other permanent cards from your graveyard rather than paying its mana cost.
However many heads it has, you can safely assume it's better than one.
  • Awakening in Oldun
Drawn to Grandeur

Drawn to Grandeur {3}{W}

Create a 1/1 white Human creature token, then put a +1/+1 counter on each creature you control.
Flashback {5}{W}
When one Mokar calls, the rest answer.
  • Awakening in Oldun
Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher {2}{U}

Creature - Human
When Dream Catcher enters the battlefield, return target exiled card with flashback you own to your hand.
Unfortunately, none of Darik's friends back at the tavern believed him.
  • Awakening in Oldun
Dying Pledge

Dying Pledge {1}{B}

As an additional cost to cast this spell, sacrifice a creature or exile two permanent cards from your graveyard.
Draw two cards.
Fulfilled or not, the important thing is that it was made.
  • Awakening in Oldun
Elder Soulblade

Elder Soulblade {3}{W}{B}

Artifact - Equipment
When Elder Soulblade enters the battlefield, search your library and/or graveyard for a creature card with mana value 2 or less. Put that card onto the battlefield, attach Elder Soulblade to it. If you searched you library this way, shuffle.
Equipped creature gets +3/+1 and has menace.
Equip {5}
  • Awakening in Oldun
Embrace the Cycle

Embrace the Cycle {B}{G}

{1}, Exile a permanent card from your graveyard: Surveil 2.
{2}, Exile two permanent cards from your graveyard: Draw a card.
{5}, Exile five permanent cards from your graveyard: Exchange your hand and graveyard.
  • Awakening in Oldun
Enduring Loyalty

Enduring Loyalty {6}{B}{B}{B}

Return up to three target creature cards from graveyards to the battlefield under your control.
Flashback—{2}{B}{B}, Sacrifice three creatures.
  • Awakening in Oldun

Erupt {X}{R}

Target creature gets +X/+0 and gains trample until end of turn.
Draw a card.
On a plane so cold, the caldera feels like a different world altogether.
  • Awakening in Oldun
Eternal Echoes

Eternal Echoes {3}{U}

Exile up to two target artifacts, creatures, or lands you control, then return them to the battlefield under their owner's control. If any of those permanents are Ruins, they become creatures in addition to their other types until end of turn.
History repeats itself whether you've learned it or not.
  • Awakening in Oldun
Eternal Sentinel

Eternal Sentinel {2}{W}

Artifact - Ruin
Whenever an opponent attacks with three or more creatures, you may have Eternal Sentinel become an artifact creature until end of turn.
Spellcharge 3
  • Awakening in Oldun
Everpresent Rot

Everpresent Rot {1}{G}

When Everpresent Rot enters the battlefield, create a 1/1 green Saproling creature token, surveil 1, then you gain 1 life.
When one or more permanent cards leave your graveyard, return Everpresent Rot to its owner's hand.
  • Awakening in Oldun
Evolving Wilds

Evolving Wilds

{T}, Sacrifice Evolving Wilds: Search your library for a basic land card, put it onto the battlefield tapped, then shuffle.
“We've lived in the shadows of giants all our lives, but over the past year, those shadows have gradually started to feel... darker.”
—Dinak, Mokar shaman
Eyes Gone Blind

Eyes Gone Blind {3}{G}

Reveal the top four cards of your library. Put up to two permanent cards from among them into your hand and the rest into your graveyard. You may put land cards onto the battlefield tapped rather than your hand.
Flashback—{3}{G}, Tap an untapped Ruin you control.
  • Awakening in Oldun
Face of the Phoenix

Face of the Phoenix {1}{R}

Exile the top two cards of your library. You may play those cards until you next cast a spell from your hand.
Flashback {3}{R}{R}
  • Awakening in Oldun
Final Fate

Final Fate {1}{B}

Destroy target creature if its mana value is less than or equal to the amount of mana spent to cast this spell.
Flashback {X}{B}{B}{B}
  • Awakening in Oldun 106 292

Firebolt {R}

Firebolt deals 2 damage to any target.
Flashback {4}{R}
Lightning doesn't strike twice, but fire does.
  • Awakening in Oldun 150 283